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Is your project a little outside the reach of the usual wordpress + template combo? No plugins available? Don't worry, sometimes wordpress just needs a little poke and a prod to get that functionality that you want.

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We speak to you about your required functionality or customisations. We'll then go away and do some further research to explore all the possible avenues, to find the most cost effective solution to your requests.


After agreeing our proposal we will start working on building your new functionality. If there are design elements to you project you'll be kept up to date with any drafts to ensure you're happy.

Testing & Live

We test your new functionality to ensure it work as expected, and run through the entire customer journey, you'll then be given the opportunity to do the same before we begin the process of putting your project live.

Our Wordpress Development Services

  • 76_Warp Bespoke Design Solutions
  • 76_Warp WooCommerce Development
  • 76_Warp Wordpress Plugin Customisation
  • 76_Warp Custom Plugin Solutions
  • 76_Warp Wordpress Custom Post Types
  • 76_Warp Wordpress Custom Fields
  • 76_Warp PHP Development

When Do I Need To Consider Custom Wordpress Development?

WordPress custom development becomes essential when a business's specific requirements and goals exceed the capabilities of a standard WordPress website. While a standard WordPress website is suitable for many purposes, custom development offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Businesses with unique design preferences, complex integrations, or specialised features, such as e-commerce platforms, membership systems, or advanced search functionalities, often require custom development to meet their specific needs.

WordPress as a CMS is extremely powerful, and makes for an extremely customisable base for your website. This is why many developers recommend still using WordPress as a starting point for custom projects, over building a completely from scratch solution in another platform/language. This maintains the element of user friendly content management that WordPress is well known for, whilst still giving you the functionality you need. There are of course situations where other solutions may work better for your business, and if that is the case we will advise you honestly on the best solution.

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